you can’t just keep using other people as a crutch forever, you’ve got to learn how to deal with your problems on your own, just like everyone else.

You've a pretty interested anon, bruh. 😁

I know hahahaha I never get anons but when I do, damn.

have you ate his ass? he should really return the favor.

Nah. I don’t think he’s into that. His butt cheeks are ticklish.

does he eat your ass?

Not as much as I would like but he tells me to eat his ass all the time but he ain’t down.

this guy happen to be a boyfriend or just a good friend helping another friend out?

A guy that I’ve been hanging out with lately. We go to movies a lot, look at pictures of cats and eat Popsicles and fuck.

I won’t ever ask to be spanked that hard again hahaha that one knocked the wind out of me. But now I know my limit.